Solar Film Foundation CC Terms and Conditions

  • Ownership of Goods

Goods provided by Solar Film Foundation CC remain the property of Solar Film Foundation CC until full payment has been received by us

  • Substitution of Goods if stock is not available:

We reserve the right to substitute products from our range with other product of equal or greater value without additional charge to the customer should the original product be unavailable.

  • Greater size of Stock sent to customer

We reserve the right to provide products of greater size than those shown on our site without additional charge to the customer should the original product width be unavailable

  • Price Change

We reserve the right to increase and decrease our prices at anytime

  • Inspections of Claims:

We reserve the right to inspect claims under the above warranty prior to any settlement being authorized

  • Installation Quality:

When buying a Do it yourself (DIY) kit the buyer agrees that the product installation quality is determined by their own ability. Solar Film Foundation (the company) cannot be held responsible for defects or breakages resulting from poor installation. These include but are not limited to bubbling, visual impairment, scratches, glass breakage or cracking, dust and damage to surrounding fixtures and fittings, paintwork, personal injury and financial loss.

  • Local Planning Rules Compliance:

It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that all local planning rules are complied with before installing any products. In general, the use of Solar Film Foundation products do not fall under planning laws, however there can be some areas were historic/heritage rules can apply. It is also recommended that landlords be advised of the proposed installation prior to commencement. Again there are generally no restrictions however some landlords may reserve the right to request removal of any product that changes the appearance of their building

  • Safety and Security Disclaimer:

The Company does not guarantee that the use of safety / security products will prevent injury or criminal access. The film when applied professionally do comply with health and safety regulations and building regulations, however self application does not qualify the glass to these regulations. The performance of safety/security films can increase the time and effort required to break through glass but does not prevent access to determined attackers.

  • Automotive Disclaimer:

When using Window Film on vehicles it is the law that no tinted film can be applied to the windscreen (except for a thin sun visor strip) or the drivers and front passenger doors. In essence nothing in front of the B post can be treated with tinted films. The Company will accept no responsibility if the Police issue a removal instruction and/or the Company will not be liable for any accident, personal injury or fatality where tinted window film is used on a vehicle.

  • General

All of our products carry different sets of warranties. Kindly note that the vast majority of problems are due to installation error and not product failure. We recommend that the customer follow our installation instructions accurately to promote a trouble free product life.

By purchasing any product from the Company the buyer is acknowledging and accepting these terms and conditions