Artwork Submission Format

  • Format of Artwork – PDF File only
    • Do not convert lines to curves
    • Convert text to curves
    • Artwork to be converted to CMYK
  • Format of Artwork – JPEG Image
    • Conversion Resolution of 89 (quality)

Our Design Department has a 5-step completion cycle as follows:

  1. Quotation Phase
  2. Artwork Approval Phase
  3. Invoice and Payment Phase
  4. Production Phase
  5. Dispatch Phase
  1. Quotation Phase

    • In this phase we give you an estimate of what your job will cost. You will receive the following information from us
      • The Cost of the material needed for the job
      • The service costs to produce your job
      • Time frame needed to produce your artwork so that you can approve with your client
      • Time frame needed to produce your job before it can be dispatched by us(or courier)
    • Never pay on a quotation as a lot of things can change during the design phase. Always wait for an invoice to be raised and pay on that. (We will try our level best to keep the prices as per the quotation)
    • Please note that a quotation does not guarantee that SFF can produce your job for custom design work only. This can only be ascertained during the artwork approval phase.
  1. Artwork Approval Phase

    • This is the most important Phase of our cycle. In this phase we do the preparation work needed to get your design ready to go into the production phase.
    • In this phase you may make any changes that you would like to ensure that the artwork is perfect for you/your client.
    • A customer should always check the following
      • Sizes of the artwork
      • Quality of the image once printed.
      • Designer’s feedback

Always print out artwork approvals before accepting an artwork. Computer Screens usen RGB colours which is not the format that your work will be printed. The majority of office printers print on CMYK colours which is the format your artwork will be printed in.

    • SFF offers you 3 free artwork approvals per job and thereafter you will be charged for every artwork approval thereafter.
    • Pricing may also change based on the following factors
      • The need to purchase a high-resolution image
      • Additional Design Time needed to complete the artwork
      • Additional services required.
      • Changes over and above the allotted free changes given
      • Change in courier service
  1. Invoicing and Payment Phase

    • Once the artwork has been approved. The final chargeable amount is given to our accounts department who will invoice and email to you. (This amount may differ from Quoted amount) – Please make payment on this invoice only.
    • Once our accounts department has received proof of payment, they will release your order to go into production. Kindly note, should accounts not release your order due to payment not being made, SFF will not be held responsible for any costs incurred for such delays.
  1. Production Phase

    • An order goes into production when the following 2 steps are met.
      • An artwork approval is signed off in writing by the client. This can be done via email or WhatsApp [+27 81 571 6995]
      • SFF’s Accounts department verifies that the customer has paid for the job in full and payment reflects in our account
    • Please check with your Sales representative for the number of days needed for production. (The days given will always exclude courier to your premises)
  1. Dispatch Phase

    • This is where we release the order for you to install.
    • Release can be in the form of couriering the goods to you or a pick up from our offices


For the best results

    • Patience – Design work does take time to get right especially if you want to impress your clients. We will do our best to be as quick an accurate as possible to ensure that you get you work on time and are fully satisfied with it.
    • Allows for all inks to fully dry before installing product.