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Artwork Submission Format

  • Format of Artwork – PDF File only
    • Do not convert lines to curves
    • Convert text to curves
    • Artwork to be converted to CMYK
  • Format of Artwork – JPEG Image
    • Conversion Resolution of 89 (quality)

Scale of Work options Explained:

  • SFF Designs – This is a pre-made design chosen from our website No alterations to the design is made except for resizing
  • Customer supplied Artwork – Where the customer supplies us the ready designed file for printing. Here no alterations to artwork will be done
  • Shutterstock Image Print – The image is purchased from our shutterstock account. No alteration is done except for resizing
  • New design work – This is customizable work done by our designers. This may be in the simplist form of adding a company logo to something complex like creating a brand new design